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Designing your Public Image

Keeping up with the times

In today's world your business has to deal with more diverse marketing environments than ever before, and your branding has to be flexible enough to function well in these varied situations. You business model needs to plan ahead to include all future sales platforms. As such, your brand and your sales platform now needs to perform on the internet through HD LCD monitors, Tablets, Cell Phones, emails, and also on promotional material, and packaging, printed paper, company clothing, and vehicles.

Logo Design

Simply getting a logo made can be costly at some businesses. Problems you can have with logo design include:

  • It isn't a part of a wider branding package so it has bad resolution and can't be used on multiple environments with out paying more to have it reworked.
  • You don't own the font to install on your computer you may run into problems as each graphic designer needs to buy the font for logo reworking purposes.

If you find your logo won't upscale to be used on signage, and if you don't own the right to use the font, how can you comprehesively push yourself into the market place. Advise is included at iRipple as I look after your interests. I am not just a graphic designer interested in selling a low res logo. Logo design is done so the logo is high enough resolution so that it can be reproduced elsewhere.


Website Design

Your needs for a website are driven by the publics' use of the internet. Originally it was enough to have an informational website for your business, but now the customers are rapidly expanding their purchasing habits towards buying online. If an item can be delivered by courier, the public can and will buy it online. Your business has to have a strategy to cope with this shifting environment. Shopify offer an easy to manage eCommerce solution which allows us to work together to build and then manage your website and ecommerce needs. Depending on your abilities, over time you can learn how to confidently take control of all aspects of managing this shop yourself. Shopify's pricing structure allows for small business through to big business to set up an online shop and manage all aspects of this shop.

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Impact where it counts - Video

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Website Design and Branding


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Logo/Brand Design.
Photography, Graphic design.
Website design.
Wix website design and eCommerce solutions.
Shopify website design and eCommerce solutions.
Training to help you get up to speed A.S.A.P.
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