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A Fuller digital graphic design package


In today’s world your business needs a fuller graphic design package than ever before, one which takes into account all aspects of your brands interaction with the public over all of it's platforms. Design of your logo and marketing methods are crucial for delivering you to the public and ensuring you are recognisable. Likewize your website needs to function on both PC and mobile devices alike. Your website needs to deliver information and operate as a point of sales for you. As such the focus on animations to fancy up your website has receeded and the focus is now more on clean simple, functional design, which embraces video to deliver any information that is complex or targeted, to your customers.


Multi-platform delivery of your public image

It is now essential that your website is mobile friendly, and it also needs to be able to operate on a 1080p widescreen monitor. Good graphic design and webpage layout are essential for delivering an aesthetically pleasing user experience.



Not only do you need your logo to perform on the web on LCD Monitors, tablet and cell phones, you need your logos to perform on clothing, letterheads, email signatures, packaging, product labels…. etc. It is important when designing your business logo to account for the way that it will be used. What works, is crisp clean logos that deliver your name/impression with style. It is about finding that right image to represent your business. And if you already have some logos developed, you may simply want transfer the essence of these into a fuller and wider range of formats as you move forward. Watch this short video about it by University of East Anglia.

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Online Sales Specialists

Most businesses also need to be able to compete for sales of goods on the internet as day by day, internet sales are increasing. People are shifting their buying habits from driving around to find what they want, to surfing the web for their needs. It’s simply a more efficient way to shop. So why not use your online sales solution to manage all your sales. It is essential that a good online marketing strategy is put in place which ties your marketing to your ecommerce website.

  • Shopify offers businesses the ability to easily set up a website using their multi device compatible sales CMS.
  • It accepts and tracks purchases and payments.
  • It handles email interaction with the customer and offers customisable addons.
  • The simple addition of a few apps and your store has new features, allowing things like Facebook integration (this puts you store on your page so you can sell directly from inside Facebook), direct emailing to your self managed email lists, publishing products to email lists, printing invoices and even managing sales rep commissions. You can even add things like an A.I marketing assistant to help you maximise your processes and simplify the entire proceedure.
  • They specialize in this field of expertise and have over 300,000 retailers which use their service.

This is why I have become a designer for Shopify and offer their services to my clients.

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Customised Computing

It is often the way in today’s modern computerised business environment that quite often computers are under powered or lacking in RAM or graphic processing power. iRipple offers full supply of PC computers, laptops, and associated equipment such as networking. We can supply tablet and cellphones to meet with the requirements of running your own online store. iRipple can supply graphic editing software and training if needed, to enable you to perform all duties of running your online shop yourself. My goal is to get you up and running so that you are successful and not burdened by on-going IT expenses. If this is however not what you want, then iRipple can become an integral part of your team as and when needed, with service contracts to keep the tightest posket happy.


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